Glamo-Rose #77 0.5oz- Acrylic & Dip Powder

Glamo-Rose #77 0.5oz- Acrylic & Dip Powder

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This 3-IN-1 Acrylic, Dip and 3D Powder is a unique multi-blend, multi-purpose formula high pigmented shade of colors. 

Ideal for 3D (encapsulations), cover powder, and Dip

  • Acrylic powder designed with unique self-adjusting/leveling formula that holds shape, will not run or flatten out. 
  • Provides flawless consistency, superior adhesion and bubble-free application.
  • Delivering exceptional strength, durability for a natural look to nails.
  • Exclusive pigmentation that prevents yellowing


Rose Gold shimmer Acrylic Powder 



Specially made for professionals for a flawless finish